Fashion Week Peek

One of the most amazing events has taken over New York City again this season. It’s Fashion Week! I was lucky enough to get a golden ticket, and this time I came toting my Canon. …And an equally exciting new-old (thrift shop) ensemble, but I’ll happily let these ladies and gentlemen have the spotlight because I had an even better time behind the camera than in front, snagging others’ street style as they came and went from the runway mecca. The enormous courtyard opening onto  the storied Lincoln Center steps (Carrie and The Russian at the ballet, anyone?) was the place to see and be seen and it became the perfect chance to snap real and would-be models grinning in perfectly polished ensembles, dripping with bright accessories and killer kicks. Click through for a few of my favorites!

IMG_1975 IMG_1978

IMG_1969 IMG_1992  IMG_2009


IMG_2004 IMG_2071 IMG_2076 IMG_2089

IMG_2021 IMG_1955


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If you’re feeling in need of a little artistic inspiration, see The Creative Finder, a huge and exceptional collection of visual art and the creatives they belong to, plus a brimming social network. Ready: go! 

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Physical World

If you haven’t considered human gender and sexuality on a philosophical level lately, take a second to let artist Del LaGrace Volcano navigate you through the complicated, impassioned geography using photography. Volcano’s portraits are not necessarily beautiful, but lead viewers to come to their own notion of beauty, race, culture, heart and necessity, and ultimately the weight of clarifications of gender, through incisive and thoughtful sentiments stated clearly, some with heartbreaking quip, bold but not unnerving. More appreciative and quizzically unintrusive, their simplicity allows their manifestos to feel like a given, at least momentarily. The sweeping sentiment is a spirituality one may prescribe to.

“Del LaGrace Volcano’s art consistently refuses “either/or” categories in favor of “both/and.” His/her art asks the kinds of questions that make their answers provisional and even irrelevant, because the truth is in the asking.”

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